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Medical is $1455
SRP $1499.99


 Medical Small Practice Edition is $1155

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DNS Medical 9

SRP $1499.99
$1455 Full Version
Medical 9 Small Practice
$1155 (includes discount)


It is not available to hospitals

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Small Practice Edition is an opportunity small practices should not miss!  

Using any Medical edition one can dictate, save the file and have the secretary review and edit it.  

The reason the secretary can edit the file is a feature that saves the original audio with the text.  

It is so simple.  Just save the file to a folder on the network and with a CompuTALK macro notify the secretary that a file is ready to be edited.  

This is an efficient alternative to doing all your own editing!

We will show you how this feature works in a free demonstration. 
(888) 773-2599

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Small Practice Edition does not support Citrix deployments.  For those who wish to give users access from thin client workstations will require the Medical 9 full version which retails for $1199 CompuTALK sells for $1155.  

What's New in both Medical 9 versions:

  • New! AutoTranscribe Folder
    The option to create a desktop folder to place digital dictations from a handheld device and have them transcribed automatically to streamline the dictation workflow.
  • Improved! Medical Specialty Vocabularies
    14 Pre-configured medical specialty vocabularies give additional accuracy boost.
  • New! Expanded Support for New Applications
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 now supports Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • New! Bluetooth Wireless Microphone Support
    Use a Nuance-approved Bluetooth microphone as an input device, meaning you no longer need to be tethered to your PC.
  • Most important:  improved accuracy over version 8 and much improved over previous versions.  This is the difference maker.  Use version 9 for the most efficient speech recognition ever.  

The new medical edition now includes: 

o        Cardiology, Pathology, Radiology, Surgery, General Practice, Orthopedics, ObGyn, Emergency Medicine, Gastroenterology, Mental Health, Neurology, Oncology and Pediatrics.

The Indian Accented English acoustic model delivers accuracy boosts to users who speak with an Indian accent.  The program also has a UK English acoustic model that was available in the previous version. 

Examples of Medical Vocabulary:

Medication names ACTH, acyclovir, Adriamycin, alprazolam, amikacin, captopril, Fansidar, Halcion, Hemoccult, verapamil, zidovudine
Medical procedures augmentation, biopsy, bronchodilation, cholangiography, debridement, dialysis, excision, laparoscopy, lymphadenectomy,
Medical diagnoses adenopathy, candidiasis,chlamydia, cryoglobulinemia, emesis, fasciitis, hemangioma, hemochromatosis, natriuresis
Diseases Addison's alopecia, anthrax, Crohn's, diverticulosis, Parkinson's seborrhea, teratoma

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